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Dear Lynne: We're Here To Help'

Dear Lynne: We're Here To Help


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Dear Lynne,

COVID-19 has upended many of the ways we normally operate and communicate with our donors, parents, students and faculty. In this moment, we recognize that, purely by the nature of our platform, that we can be helpful during this period.

That's why we're reaching out to share helpful tutorials and webinars detailing how we can help you and your team continue to care for your audiences. If you're a current partner, you can put everything here right to work. If you're not yet a partner, reach out and let's talk - we've made changes to our business to accommodate every business and budgetary consideration.

If you have questions or want to see something more, please press REPLY below. Thank you!

Sending Updates from Leadership Using ThankView (Mar 19th, 1 PM EST)

How Gift Officers Can Use ThankView To Connect with Their Portfolio (Mar 20th, 1 PM EST)

Turn Your Giving Day Into a "Donor Care Day" (Mar 24th, 1 PM EST)

Commencement Cancelled? Making Seniors Feel Special with Personalized Video (Mar 26th, 1PM EST)

or if you'd rather just watch the tutorial videos, here you go!

How Gift Officers Can Create Personalized Videos For Every Donor

How Leadership Can Send Video Messages To Your Entire Audience & Track Engagements

How To Request Videos from 100+ Recipients, Collect Them, Edit Them & Send To A Larger Audience

How to Create Personalized Video Commencement Messages For 10,000+ Graduating Seniors with ThankView

Want to know what other organizations are doing? Our friends at BoostMySchool surveyed over 100 schools to give you insight on the landscape.

The Donor Guru Lynne Wester is hosting a weekly Facebook Live session - watch today's episode (already viewed by 2k other professionals)

We will continue to provide more resources throughout the coming weeks. If we can help you and your organization, please reach out here or schedule 15 minutes to learn more.

Many thanks,
JD Beebe

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